Bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms, toilets and kitchens are the most common places to be tiled. It is so, because tiles are waterproof as well as hardwearing, and thereby perfect for covering surfaces exposed to excess moisture and use. Tiling is a labour-intensive and arduous work for skilled and experienced professionals who have to precisely lay tiles on walls and floors, without any gaps or overlaps.

RYLIK CONSTRUCTIONS LTD is exactly a team of such highly trained professionals working with all types of tiles – ceramic, marble, slate, plastic and glass. Before starting any tiling job we carefully select materials and working methods to satisfy our customers’ designs and needs. Our specialists calculate how many tiles to buy. After that we plan a tile arrangement and prepare the surface for tiling by sanding or cleaning it down. If necessary we strip it of old tiles and make good.

We use our own techniques and equipment to arrange any pattern the customer wishes. No matter if you have chosen regular grid pattern or your own design for example any of staggered or diamond patterns, our specialists will manage it to perfection. Our tilers can be commissioned to cover both small surfaces around sinks, basins, baths and shower cubicles as well as whole kitchen or bathroom walls and floors. We successfully lay tiles in all complicated areas such as taps, mirrors, sockets, switches, corners and recesses.

For more information about our tiling services or if you need a free quotation for the tiling job you are planning, please feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail at any time.