To construct a brick wall or partition in a residential or commercial building requires careful planning and purposeful organisation. In other words, building any brickwork structure is a complex task for professional bricklayers. Brickwork is also used to construct corners, door and window openings as well as other solid elements of a building or its surroundings.

RYLIK CONSTRUCTIONS LTD has all the specialists, technology and equipment to erect any structures made of bricks, natural stones, man-made stones, concrete blocks, marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, mortar and cement.

We construct walls using different building methods such as veneer masonry, solid masonry, dry set masonry, stonework (stonemasonry) and techniques applying solid brickwork and concrete blocks. Before erecting outside walls we excavate correct foundations. Wall style and purpose as well as its height and width determine the technique and materials we employ.

RYLIK CONSTRUCTIONS LTD specializes in providing the following brickwork services:

  • To construct outer and inner walls as well as other solid elements of buildings
  • To build, re-build and reshape existing living or working space for instance in order to create new rooms by means of stud walls or partition
  • To convert and extend existing living space by building extensions, annexes, conservatories, new storeys and loft rooms
  • To build garden, outside, brick, cavity and screen walls as well as internal and external corners, piers, chimneys, vaults, door and window openings

If you intend to build any brick or stone structure, we would heartily welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements in detail, so please call or email us at any time. On request we will visit your building site and make a free quotation.