RYLIK CONSTRUCTIONS LTD has a large pool of highly skilled and superbly equipped carpenters, framers and joiners to construct, install, exchange, frame, put together, repair and maintain wooden structure elements, fittings, features and furniture. This includes roofs, floors, partitions, stud walls, doors, windows, window casings, stairs, balustrades, skirting boards, landings, moldings, intersections, mantelpieces, free standing and built-in cupboards, wardrobes, cabinets, storage chests and other wooden interior parts.

We have successfully accomplished various small and large residential projects where professional skills at woodworking were required. Using our own resources we provide our customers with all-round service within the scope of carpentry and joinery. The most popular woodworks our carpenters and joiners carry out on a daily basis are:

  • To construct roof frames, timber-framed exterior walls and stud wall frames
  • To fix timber ceilings, wooden claddings, laths and battens
  • To clad exterior walls with boards and shakes (wooden shingles)
  • To fix, remove, replace and repair doors, windows, window casings and shutters
  • To lay wooden floors and boarded floors
  • To construct, repair and maintain stairs, balustrades and landings
  • To fit wooden moldings, including skirting boards, door architraves, decorative rails, cornices and curtain rails
  • To panel walls and doors
  • To assembly and install free standing and built-in wardrobes, cupboards, bookcases, shelves, kitchen cabinets, bathroom furniture and other pieces of furniture
  • To construct and repair garden structures such as fences, sheds, stairs, wooden walkways and decks

RYLIK CONSTRUCTIONS LTD is a team of experienced carpenters and joiners, so if you plan any woodwork project, contact us for a free quotation. We will be happy to visit your building site and to discuss all details of your plans. Appointments can be made at your convenience.