The modern kitchen is a place both to prepare food and spend time with family and friends. There is no doubt that the kitchen is a focal point of every home. We all expect that our kitchens are equipped with up-to-date appliances and furniture needed to cook and store food. At the same time, it should be homely and welcoming. To meet all these expectations is not an easy task.

RYLIK CONSTRUCTIONS LTD does its best to suit all these needs. It requires a lot of various professional skills, because the contemporary kitchen is a sophisticated system of electric devices combined with special furniture. We have all resources needed – skilled labour force, equipment, technology, experience and materials, to successfully renovate, remodel, rebuild or refurbish any residential kitchen.

In doing so, we perform the following tasks on our own:

  • To remove old kitchens or their facilities
  • To route, re-route and adjust gas pipework, plumbing system and electrical wiring
  • To carry out structural works on walls, ceilings, suspended ceilings and floors
  • To fix sinks, worktops and tables
  • To put in electric and electronic appliances such as washing machines, stoves, hobs, cooker hoods, extractor fans, freezers, refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers
  • To carry out all woodworks
  • To lay wooden floors and floor tiles
  • To tile, paint, paper and decorate walls and ceilings
  • To assembly and install fitted kitchens and freestanding kitchen units

If you have any enquiries concerning our services, please do not hesitate and contact with us as soon as possible. On request we will visit your building site and make a detailed quotation for the job required.